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Fremont Turf Installation

this is an image of turf installation in Fremont

Artificial grass comes in numerous specifications that save time and money. They are a workable and flexible alternative to natural grass. People living in the fast-paced world often tend towards low-maintenance, time-saving, and cost-effective materials. Artificial turf in no way reduces the appeal of natural grass and soothe the senses of onlookers. Synthetic grass is a scientific product that is created after detailed research. It is easy to install and works immediately after fixing, so you do not have the wait to reap its benefits.

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Artificial grass is made using nylon and polypropylene, which are strong materials if you are looking for an artificial lawn that can survive children and pets and also survive the test of time.


The sport filed or stadium that uses artificial grass pitch is also referred to as AstroTurf. The entire grass pitch acts as a complete system that uses different components for its making. Each component has a specific function, and together they create the characteristics of the artificial turf. How the field will look like depends upon synthetic grass fibers and rubber or sand infill. The infill could be black or green and gives a different impression.

The upper surface is visible, but underneath the material supports the pressure and weight falling on the ground. The sub-base of the artificial turf has a proper drainage system to ensure puddles are not collected on the pitch. 

Intensive Use, Still Natural!

Artificial turf can be used more intensively than natural turf. There is a time limit for the use of natural turf with regular maintenance and upkeep in between. If you have synthetic turf, players can play on the pitch seven days a week. Though not much maintenance is needed for faux grass, it can be done at a lower cost and lesser time. 

The playgrounds of schools, colleges, sports academy incorporate astroturf as part of their architect. Artificial turf installation is not just for smaller applications, but they are widely used for basketball, baseball, rugby, lawn tennis pitches for professional tournaments. 

For Events and Exhibitions

The exhibition ground's environment is significantly enhanced if the exhibition's setup is blended with a feel of natural elements. Artificial turf installation provides a durable and economical option to cover large or small areas for window presentations or exhibition stands. As an exhibitor, you can welcome your visitors on the carpet of faux grass at your stall. 

Exhibitions or events take place occasionally, and it is not practical to grow natural grass overnight. Artificial grass can easily be transported to cover any amount of land, and you can use it again and again. For events and exhibitions, removable artificial turf can be used several times at different places. 

Fremont Concrete Pros has been at the forefront of turf installation for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. 

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