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Fremont Stone Veneer

this is a picture of Fremont Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a pseudo to stone masonry work. A stone veneer contractor does the stone cladding by applying a stone layer on a building or structures that are not made of stone. Sometimes, stone veneering is applied to structures made of steel or concrete.

Decorating your existing building or structures may be one of your long time desires. You can now fulfill them by hiring the services of a reputed stone veneering company like Fremont Concrete Pros that is just in your proximity. For further information, please call us on (510) 683-5860.

Why Stone Veneering?

Stone veneering is cost-effective because it gives the appearance of stone at a cost much less than what you would have paid for real stone. Secondly, it is versatile, lightweight, and can be used for an array of architectural applications. You can apply it to your statement walls, foundation facades, and outdoor landscaping applications.

Moreover, you can hire the services of a stone veneer company for cladding over your existing wood-framed or metal walls, masonry substrates of brick or CMU blocks. But, the real utility comes if the veneering is installed properly by an established company.

How is Stone Veneering Made?

Started in the 19the century, businesses used to make stone veneer by slicing natural stones into thick-cut slabs. It was after 1950 that cement was used to give the architectural structure. At the same time, cement provided the much-needed strength and resistance that you could get only from natural stone.

At Fremont Concrete Pros, we generally use stone veneer made of Portland cement and natural aggregate of lightweight, refined, and iron oxide pigment as coloring elements. Ours is a cultured stone or faux stone. We choose our products in different molds that are selected forms of natural stone. You can find that our work reflects that of the finest finishing, only a natural stone surface can give.

Solid Bond for Stone Veneer

As an established stone veneering company, we take the following steps to see that the veneer achieves the minimum bond strength of 50 psi.

  • We remove the loose materials from the back with a wire brick to make sure that the faux stone units are totally free of dust and dirt
  • We take into consideration the weather conditions. We dampen the back of each manufactured unit if the weather is hot and dry. We heat the stone veneer if the weather is cold.
  • We always use high-quality mortar as prescribed for a stone veneer company.

The cultured stone weighs between 8 to 12 pounds and is therefore significantly lighter than natural stone. Faux stone can be installed without having to provide any additional foundation, footings, or wall ties. It reduces installation time.

If you want to get a unique stone veneer in Fremont with color, texture, shape, and size of your own choice, contact us at (510) 683-5860.