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Fremont Stone Masonry

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One of the basic parts of any construction is stone masonry. As it one of the basic parts, it needs to done very precisely so that the overall building comes to take the desired shape. The stonework is needed in almost all forms of construction works.

If you are planning to get any form of stonework done, do give us a call at (510) 683-5860. We are Fremont Concrete Pros. We are known to be one of the most reputed local concrete and stone masonry contractors. With years of experience and scores of masonry works accomplished, we are well equipped with advanced tools and the latest technology of the industry.

What is Stone Masonry?

Stone is a dressed and cut version of the natural rocks. Stone masonry may be defined as a technique of using these dressed stones to construct a predetermined shape. Mortar made of cement or limestone mixed with sand and water is used in between two stones to join them.

Some of the commonly used stones in stone masonry include marble, limestone, granite, slate, laterite, etc. Our team has the expertise of working with any of the stones with perfection. Stone being a costly material needs perfect execution so that there is no wastage.

To ensure that the work done is perfect, we at Fremont Concrete Pros follow a certain set of rules. We select the stones that are strong, durable, and properly dressed. We never use dumb-bell shaped, chipped, and broken stones are they will not give you the required strength. We make sure that the direction of the pressure on the stone is always vertical.

Stone masonry is not a DIY thing. It needs experience and a deep understanding of the plan and design of the construction before starting. We make sure that we read the minute details and then execute our plans accordingly. We make sure that the construction is uniformly distributed. Mortar quality we use is of the highest quality and after construction. Stones are wetted before using them, and we cure the constructed part with water regularly too.

Ensuring the above makes your construction strong and durable. Also, it ensures that there is no loss or wastage of stones.

Types of Stone Masonry

Stone masonry can be divided into two basic types:

Rubble Masonry

Rubble masonry is a type of stone masonry where undressed or roughly dressed stones are used for construction. This is the reason that the construction doesn’t look uniform. Another point of concern is the overall strength of the construction in this type of masonry depends upon the quality of the mortar and how well it is used in between stones for binding them.

Ashlar Masonry

It is quite the opposite of rubble masonry. Here the stones used are properly dressed and uniform in size. This makes the structure look balanced and uniform. Also, the strength of the construction is much more as compared to the rubble masonry.

So, if you are planning to have something built with natural stones and looking for a Fremont stone masonry contractor, call Fremont Concrete Pros at (510) 683-5860. With years of experience behind, we are sure to have an affordable solution for you.