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Fremont Stamped Patio

this is a picture of Fremont Stamped Patio

As the exterior of your home, the stamped patio exhibits your living style and social status. What if, it looks like nothing less than the ‘gilded’ one as described by Shakespeare? Yes. In the present day contract industry, you definitely can get that elusive look if the work is handled by a highly skilled technician of a technically-highlighted construction contractor. The acumen required to do such a job is a balanced application of colors and textures to your patio. At the same time, your purse won’t be pinched.

Variability of exterior visibility is the hallmark of Fremont Concrete Pros developed with years of experience. It doesn’t matter, whether yours is a plain patio with a single color and pattern or multi-colored or multi-patterned, you will get, what exactly you long for.

If you want to transform your grizzly-looking backyard canvas shed into the cynosure of all eyes, call on (510) 683-5860.

Options for Stamped Patio

When you have a number of options for stamped patio you can change your lifestyle and elevate the living options of your family members. At the same time, you can make the visitors to your home to think differently about you. Besides adding an exterior look to your properties, we add strength, durability, and delicacy to your outdoor stamped patio.

Exclusive Designs of Stamped Patio

Ashlar Slate

The meticulousness of design, the right mix of colors, the aesthetic touch of finishes all applied in different portions constitute the Ashlar Slate technique all of which have been evolving constantly, adding new features. When you go in for this technique, you get a resemblance to classic cut-stone.


Old age traditions have their own value and dignity. If you support this idea and feel that your home will have a better entrance value with this style, you can go in for a brick-layered stamped concrete. Tradition coupled with a fancy angle creates a unique outfit. Being in the line for many years, our brick experts make use of the herringbone designs to achieve this unusual outlook too.

Wood Stamped Look

It is pertinent to mention that some homeowners don’t opt for installing wooden deck patios because they are concerned about its durability and the associated cost. We have a solution for that too. The wood stamped concrete method is the right solution that we provide. Camouflaged under the craftsmanship of our skilled concrete patio builders, your patio will get the touch of a wooden deck.

Random Stone

Another popular stamped patio is the organic look. We can design stamped patios that mimic the random surfaces to give it the desired look. Our concrete experts use the random stone method and make the grains and textures of the stamped patio such that they mimic natural stones. The construction of stamped patio that can exert different look, resembling naturally-occurring objects like wood and stone requires a special kind of inborn acumen and aesthetic potentiality.

With years of experience in making Fremont stamped patios, we at Fremont Concrete Pros are here to make it possible for you. In order to know further of the stamped patio, please call (510) 683-5860 and our experts will be at your doorsteps to make your dream patio a reality.