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Fremont Stained Concrete

this image shows Fremont Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a method of creating concrete where acid etching is used. Here staining allows a great concrete structure or slab to be created. Unlike simple coloring of the concrete mix with synthetic material or molding it into other forms, the staining of concrete allows for an excellent effect – here a solid, opaque effect like a coat of brush paint falls on the bright concrete forming glowing and beautiful patterns. To have such a stained concrete in Fremont created and provide excellent tips and choices, call Fremont Concrete Pros on (510) 683-5860

Stained Concrete - Best Places

Stained concrete is one of the most striking and effective examples of concrete beautification and modification that can help in overall impressive structures. Such a modification is most used for concrete slabs on which the process of acid-etch staining is performed. This results in great floors and staircases, excellent slabs for restroom walls, and special zones of a hotel and restaurant among other places.

The staining of the concrete results in such immense amazing patterns and designs to form on the concrete that they can attract muted attention and provide an excellent ambiance for a building or walkway in an area.

Few More Reasons to Try Stained Concrete

Indoor usage is mostly preferred as it allows for better views and lower upkeep. Stained concrete is not a very good outdoor performer. The entire staining results in a vivid and alive flow of fish like patterns through a dark green tile or black threads of flowy patterns on white concrete.

These engulf the imagination and still serve the utility of a muted embellishment of the concrete that can go a long way in helping provide a base to the building and an aura of cool fabled walk through the floor.

The concrete that is stained and created, results in a great utility and is much more cost-effective than other modern structural modifications comparatively. Water-based stains are one more way how stained concrete is created. Unlike acid etched staining, water-based stains result in a different type of effect.

Water-Based Staining

In this, the use of acid is avoided, and a simpler water-based solution is used. While in acid etching, water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salts are put to work. The lime in the concrete is reacted upon thereafter and finally, a great effective concrete that is acid-based is created.

To try and use staining to hide any malformations in the concrete will not work. There are so many ways by which that can be fixed, but this method is not for that. To be able to create a dazzling pattern, that forms on a concrete and provides a great artistic feel and yet retains a general muted distance from the mind, not hindering it if things require focus elsewhere is a great reason why stained concrete should be used and is a popular choice.

Both, and in fact, all staining of concrete is semi-transparent, a very important fact remembering the point that if there are cracks or fissures in the material being used, then they will show in the concrete unless something is done about them. Call Fremont Concrete Pros to find out details (510) 683-5860