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Fremont Decorative Concrete

this image shows decorative concrete in fremont by fremont concrete pros

Decorative concrete is a great way to construct aesthetically pleasing and near-unique structures that can provide a great look to the overall building and allow for space for imagination to move and change the image of the residence or office.

Decorative concrete allows like several other effective ways to admixture to it, such as colored concrete which helps create more than a vanilla structure that can allow a freer flow of the mind and sounds to create an ethereal, spacious, and less than mundane structure of any kind.

Fremont Concrete Pros create some of the most professional and striking designs, call us on (510) 683-5860 for more details. We will create the best decorative concrete in Fremont for you.

Decorative Concrete: Process and Varieties

This kind of concrete customization is done by adding several types of synthetic and naturally occurring material to the mix of concrete or after it has been cured. Both processes allow the creation of a new type of concrete portion that can be used thereafter for creating modern, glass, and steel structures with special features among other new styles.

Decorative concrete has some of the most effective results on changing the interior setup and ambiance of a building. The setup allows equally impressive creations outside a building.

Decorative Concrete - Types

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete uses a method of providing texture and color to allow it to look like stone, slates, or even materials like brick. This kind of concrete is great to create a strong impression and an aura of wonder around the area.

Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyes are created for home and office constructs and use for specialized uses such as waterproofing, creating fancy bridges over an artificial stream of water among others.

This is done by the use of synthetic material like alcohol and inks to add color to the concrete.

Acid Staining

It isn’t a coloring system based on the use of pigments simply, but instead uses acids to cause a chemical activity that results in a new effect for use. Alternatively, water acrylics can also be used for staining instead of the more complex and methodical acid staining.


It is one more method that involved chemical engineers to perform processing and create great and effective concrete constructs of visibly stunning appeal.

Polymer Cement Overlays

This method involves yet another multi-stage chemical process where concrete is processed to create a construct that lasts for a really long time without fading or chipping.

These processes are time-tested ways to create beautiful constructs that add more than just engaging utility to an area or building.

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We, at Fremont Concrete Pros, can create various types of concrete and according to your requirements and within the budget. To know more about how we can work together on your project, call us on (510) 683-5860 now!