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Fremont Concrete Resurfacing

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Maintaining your house means not only taking care of the indoor but also the outdoor. You may have thought of remodeling the patios, driveways, walkways, etc. And planning those means you want advanced work of concrete instead of the traditional one. Refinishing the old concrete construction and designing the areas with new ones is known as concrete resurfacing.

If you want to have the best concrete resurfacing in Fremont, you can contact Fremont Concrete Pros, where we are the team of skilled professionals who work the best with concrete, bricks, stone, and so on. For personalized services, you can call us at (510) 683-5860. We are here to do any work-related concrete and also are the masters of concrete resurfacing at your place.

Concrete Resurfacing- A Brief Overview

Do you already have concrete construction in your house? Especially, the driveways, walls, patios, etc. are made of concrete outside the house while you can have concrete kitchen countertops, fireplace, indoor walls, etc. inside your house. If you are bored with the old, mundane look of these things and want a new and designer look by using concrete, you can go for concrete resurfacing. And at Fremont Concrete Pros, we are all ears to listen to your demand and turn them into truth with our hard work, knowledge of concrete, and dedication.

Services of Content Resurfacing Provided by Fremont Concrete Pros

Why we are the best in providing upgraded services while it comes to content resurfacing? The first reason is that we know the exact process of cleaning, repairing, and overlaying a brand new concrete surface. Our experts come with following solutions to fix the aging concrete and give your house a new look-

  • Cleaning the Surface: We wash the old surface with a power washer to get rid of grime and layers of dust.
  • Repairing the Cracks: Once the surface is cleaned, we check for any cracks on the surface and focus on those. Those are reinforced with fabric and then covered with polymer concrete. The surface is smoothed out properly. You won’t feel any bump while walking or driving.
  • Repairing Any Holes: Aging concrete can have holes in it. We prefer to use epoxy mortar to cover the holes.
  • Layering the Surface: After making all the repairing, we prime the surface and cover it with spray-on polymer concrete. Then a trowel is used to give a finishing touch.
  • Coloring the Surface: You can go for any colors to cover the surface and also seal it finally to protect from any elements.
  • Let It Cure: We always recommend waiting for a maximum of 72 hours from using the driveways or walkways after resurfacing. Let the surface dry completely.

So, now you know what concrete resurfacing is and why contacting Fremont Concrete Pros is the best thing you can do while you want a makeover of your concrete driveways. Feel free to contact us at (510) 683-5860 and we are always there to solve any issues regarding concrete constructions.