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Fremont Colored Concrete

this is a picture of Fremont Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is one of the simple and straightforward ways to avoid vanilla stock constructs that are always to be found to a wandering eye around any neighborhood or house. Colored concrete offers a way to innovate, deviate, and improvise on the method of appearance to the calm eye that expects little more than a grey concrete fixture.

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Colored Concrete – How Useful Is It?

Colored concrete is one of the most innovative inventions in the field of the construction industry over the past 100 years. Contrary to intuition, ancient adobes or monuments did not use this technique but instead, the idea was put into practice by a modern-day American. The material is usually a pigment powder that is created from minerals and mined from a naturally occurring material that is then mixed in the grey concrete in a usual ratio of 1:10. The result is a colored concrete mix that when applied during the construction of a structure gives it a long-lasting and vibrant look.

Hassle-Free Use

Architecture since ancient times has constantly tried to evolve in structures and form as ideas of that age or decade solidified. Thus, the Giza Pyramids started a chain of monuments that evolved to today’s Burj Khalifa and surely Canada’s National Tower. Then there are the French Eiffel tower or Tower of Liberty that they gifted to the US. The big monuments, all were a measure of history that stayed thereon.

Today, the creation of uniform Brazilian favelas and the Italian villas that are each unique on their own are the general examples of residential structures that play a key role in providing a mood and aesthetic touch to the onlookers.

The Building is More Than Just Stones and Cement

The building comparatively is a word for culture in German. And it is not without a good reason. A house turns home over a period of time, when the people who live in it create the messages and airs inside that make it their own. The goodness of a simple white and red home is manifold but in many ways demanding change with the turns of time, L.M. Scofield has pointed out. Despite a 100-year use, the idea of a colored concrete remains strong and yet underemployed in the use of building a home or building.

This despite the effect versus cost of the construct for one and the underlying temper of the trend for another. The style can create and provide a good standing and impression when employed in the right quantity, place, and tone. Saffron or yellow pigments can greatly accentuate a building today.

A colored concrete does well for the modification of a plain and logical structure. To add pigment and change the very basic building block of the building by the use of colored concrete is one of the best ways to enhance or change the outlook and interior space aura of a home or office. Thus to see some options for its use and how our Fremont colored concrete professionals can help you turn your property into a beautiful canvas, please call us on (510) 683-5860 today!