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Fremont Block Wall

A picture of block wall in Fremont.

Those block walls around you are not just there to protect you from the elements and from danger. They are also meant to give you privacy and intimacy while providing aesthetic value on your property by matching your landscape, patios, or personal outdoor haven. Having a beautifully planned, well designed, and properly built block wall can also increase your home's value when planning to lease or resell it in the future.

Fremont Concrete Pros have been instrumental in a lot of blocking wall projects in the city and in nearby locations. As the city's preferred block wall contractor, we have been specializing in the designing, building, and repairing of block walls, concrete block walls, and cinder block walls for years. Our Fremont block wall contractor and expert masons are all equipped with the right tools and machineries and are experienced and trained enough to handle all types of block wall projects.

Get in touch with Fremont Concrete Pros by calling any of our concrete professionals or concrete masons at (510) 683-5860 right now. For free quotes and estimates, send us a quick message through our contact form provided. We will get back to you shortly.

Cinder Block Wall or Concrete Block Wall

Cinder blocks and concrete blocks are two different construction materials that are confused with each other most of the time. Although both have the same elements, cinder and concrete have different properties, and that would be the same when you build your block walls. Though both will provide you with the same security, privacy, and decorative purposes, each, however, will have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Cinder block is composed mainly of concrete and cinder materials. Ash is used as an aggregate in cinder blocks. Cinder block is lighter as compared to concrete blocks. However, a cinder block cannot withstand high pressures, while a concrete block can endure such pressure because it is more durable thanks to its components, mainly steel and cement. Local block wall contractors use concrete blocks when handling bigger projects, while cinder blocks are frequently used in smaller projects. Think of outdoor kitchens, patios, and gardens; these projects do not require the durability to say a monstrous wall has to have to make it stable.

When used as a blocking wall, cinder blocks will cost you more as this requires more maintenance and fixings than concrete blocks. However, the sight of having a cinder block wall can be heavenly. When done properly, the joy and happiness it can provide can offset the cost it will have. And while concrete blocks show enough strength and durability, cinder block walls are pretty much of a decorative wall. Sure it can still last longer, thanks to the latest technology wherein cinder blocks are treated with other materials to make it tougher while maintaining its rustic looks.

Concrete block wall, on the other hand, will always look intimidating and tough, but with the right design and careful planning, it will blend perfectly with your landscape. Our block wall experts and concrete masons will make sure of that. For more details of how we can transform your space into your dream project, connect with any of our crew.

Hire Fremont Concrete Pros

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If you need to know what will blend well with your property or with your landscape or suit your block wall needs, contact our concrete experts. Simply dial (510) 683-5860 today for your free estimates and suggestions. For more information, message us through our contact form provided. We will get back to you shortly.

Fremont Concrete Pros, we are your local block wall contractor. The long list of satisfied clients and the number of years of providing quality service in the city shows that we are one of the most sought after block wall contractors today.