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About Us

this image shows a patio and pool deck in fremont, ca

The Tri-City area of San Francisco Bay has relied upon our services in concrete, stone, and brick masonry for a long time. We approach every project with the high degree of professional care residents of central California set standards for. Fremont Concrete Pros is happy to be of assistance for homes or businesses, outdoors or in, with the idea being that excellent craftsmanship speaks for itself. Many new clients come and knock on our door simply at the recommendation of a friend. Dial (510) 683-5860 for free estimates.

Our masons are trained in the construction of a wide variety of features load-bearing or veneer. Driveways, patios, and pool decks are probably our most commonly requested projects. We also build add-ons for these things such as edging, pool coping, and outdoor fireplaces. Need a wall to protect your property? Or how about a garden walk path? Fremont Concrete Pros got you covered.

Fremont Concrete Masonry

We probably don’t need to tell you that concrete is an extremely popular medium in construction. The word versatile pops up a lot when we talk about this material, but when you’ve got the goods, you flaunt them. Concrete does just about anything a contractor—or client—asks of it, and in all the colors of light passing through a prism.

As for appearances...oh, the trickery it can pull off! Our stamped concrete service can produce almost any design one can dream up. We’ll make it simulate natural stone and brick. We’ll stain it to look deep enough for free-diving. It all comes with the expert utility of our impassioned team.

Fremont Brick and Natural Stone

Brickwork gets used often for walls and fireplaces, which is fine, but by no means illustrates a limit for what the material can do. Driveway edging is also commonly called upon use for brick, as are stairs and pillars. Pathways are yet another component of our expertise that looks fantastic in brick. Nor should we forget the larger things brick does so well, like those patios, pool decks, and driveways already mentioned above. Brick can provide a colonial feel to your property. Want it more rustic still? Try our aged brick service. Fremont Concrete Pros is here to help create the hardscape environment you desire.

That environment may just include natural stone. If so, why that’s no trouble at all. Pretty much everything we do with concrete and brick we can pull off with stone. Stone veneer is a wise choice for vertical surfaces, as it is just that—a veneer of real stone fixed to a concrete backing. This is a less expensive way to erect walls that is also easy to repair. For weight-bearing features we’re highly skilled at the installation of stone pavers made of truly gorgeous material such as limestone, marble, or granite.  For natural stone installation you can trust, give us a call today. Dial (510) 683-5860 for free quotes.