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    The bay area of central California has been in the fast lane of creativity for fifty years or maybe even longer. It could even be said that the great gold rush of 1855 kicked off a kind of rocket toward all things that could be dreamed and, from dreaming, made real. Whichever the case, advancements in technology and the arts remain in full flight. Being fully aware of this, Fremont Concrete Pros always puts its best foot forward when it comes to hardscape construction.

    For indeed concrete, stone, and the brickwork is one place where the arts and tech collide. Our dedication to making breakthroughs in the field is matched only by our ongoing respect for traditional ideals. Building a project for your home or business is never a chore when you call (510) 683-5860. To get your dream made solid in Fremont masonry, talk to one of our professional contractors today.


    It’s no secret why concrete is such a hugely popular medium in construction. But to sum up:  It’s affordable, versatile, and relatively easy to maintain. Our team of experts can create a high number of different features for your landscape. Quality comes with years of experience using the material as well as a passion for the craft. Here are just a few of the things over which we hold command:

    this picture shows fremont california patio


    A great looking patio acts as a magnet for people. It promotes gatherings or provides a little quiet time for reflection. Later on users will remember what a fun time they had. They might also talk about their host’s excellent taste an architecture. (We can always keep our fingers crossed). The decorative concrete service you’ll find within our friendly doors is fully capable of giving you the patio you’ve always wanted. Call (510) 683-5860 for free estimates.

    Everything Fremont Concrete Pros do for driveways it is more than happy to do for your patio. This means full employment of our stamped concrete service. Want to replicate natural stone to near perfection? Just think of owning a flagstone patio straight out of medieval times while saving a bit of money by using stamped concrete instead. We’ll also provide the colors, sizes, and shapes you need for harmonization with the rest of your property.


    We’ve installed driveways of all shapes, sizes, and—wait for it—colors as well. Yes, our concrete coloring services afford you every hue of a refracted beam. Most clients choose a conservative approach, especially for driveways, but that doesn’t mean a little craziness isn’t possible. We’ve mixed concrete colors bright and dark, pastel, and vivid. Magnificent curb appeal for your home or business is nowhere near as unreachable as you may think. Call our concrete driveway contractor at (510) 683-5860 to find out more.

    You’ll also be familiarized with a few tricks of our stamped concrete service. Using pre-cast pavers or poured concrete we can dress your driveway up to look like brick, natural stone, or just about any design of your choosing. We also provide expert installation of concrete driveway edging, which presents a great opportunity to team concrete up with the other materials we solicit. Think a concrete driveway would look awesome with brick edging? So do we. The knowledge comes from having done it ourselves.

    concrete driveways after finish
    concrete pool deck

    Pool Decks

    Moving on to pool decks, these are probably a home’s ultimate luxury. Because of course a pool deck always comes with a swimming pool, and who doesn’t relish the idea of going for a dip on a hot day? The expert crew at Fremont Concrete Pros understands full well the statement an incredible looking pool deck can make. We listen to everything you have in mind before getting to work on improving your home with this highly coveted symbol of happy tidings.

    Along with the full offerings of our stamped concrete service we must also point out that, for more hazardous surfaces like pool decks, broom finished or salt finished concrete is a good idea. Both are methods of imprinting uncured concrete so when it dries the indentations are left behind to make traversal safer for wet feet. And of course the surface can still be colored to match your tastes. For this same deck we can also install things like pool coping and even an outdoor fireplace. Call (510) 683-5860 to find out everything Fremont Concrete Pros can do to build a beautiful pool deck for your home.

    “We use a team of contractors but when we needed a masonry contractor, we couldn’t make up our minds. After researching some companies in Fremont, we decided to get quotes from several of them. No one offered us a more reasonable quote than Fremont Concrete Pros. That is why we hired them. We will continue to use their services because we are very happy with their work and rates.” – John J.

    this image shows fremont concrete retaining wall

    Concrete Walls

    You may want a concrete wall to enclose your property simply for aesthetic purposes—and indeed, we build such walls to the exact specifications of a client in need. These walls are typically made of durable concrete blocks that can be decorated in many different ways. We also create poured, pre-cast, and colored walls. Or how about a retaining wall to support an inclined landscape? It all falls under the fully capable scope of our service.

    Other Concrete Services

    Does your home or business already possess an attractive amenity that could use a little sprucing up? This is a good time to mention that Fremont Concrete Pros does refurbishing and repair as well. Concrete grinding makes older surfaces flawlessly smooth for overlay. We also replace concrete pavers and refurbish countertops.

    Acid stained floors are almost too fascinating for words but allow us to try. With our technique you can have a concrete floor that looks almost like storm clouds passing over a bright sky; it’s deep, opulent, mesmerizing, and darn near unforgettable. Got your sites set on something a little more simple? How about a new flight of steps for the front porch? Or a walkway around the garden? We also have added a few new specialists to our team. We now can offer foundation repair services after bringing on a former foreman from foundation repair Springfield. Our concrete company is your one-stop place for the best in quality construction.


    It’s no secret why concrete is such a hugely popular medium in construction. But to sum up:  It’s affordable, versatile, and relatively easy to maintain. Our team of experts can create a high number of different features for your landscape. Quality comes with years of experience using the material as well as a passion for the craft. Here are just a few of the things over which we hold command:

    Brick Masonry

    And speaking of fireplaces let’s move on to brick. Think of a brick outdoor fireplace for your patio or pool deck. Pretty easy to do, right? Now think of one with a pizza oven. Ah, even better. We build sturdy, attractive brick fireplaces to fit any style environment. That environment may even include a brick wall for property security or mere poetic license. These walls can be straight or crinkle-crankle, with or without brick pillars, high or low. With the service, you get when you call (510) 683-5860 the choice is always yours.

    Choices such as brick driveways, which never fail to produce curb appeal. Our brick pavers formulate any horizontal surface with style and function. This would of course include patios and pool decks as well. Brick looks great for driveway edging and pool coping, too. Like the idea of brick stairs? Why not make it official by having us build a flight wherever you may need one? To find out even more about what we can do with the brick, give us a call today for a free estimate.

    this image shows fireplace contractor fremont

    “After having a pool built several years ago, we decided to give Fremont Concrete Pros a call. They were the recommended service for building our concrete pool deck. We’re glad we chose this company because they designed a really functional deck. They couldn’t have come up with a better design.” – Arnold R.

    this image shows concrete fremont stacked stone masonry

    Stone Masonry

    Fremont Concrete Pros brings the natural stone to your doorstep. If you so desire, we’ll even build your doorstep out of natural stone. Got bigger things in mind? That’s another place where our paver stone service shines (literally and figuratively). Just like with concrete, we build patios, pool decks, and driveways from natural stone. Its durability and shine play second fiddle to no other. Using natural stone on your property elevates it to a whole different architectural tier.

    Stone veneer is a common choice for nonimpact surfaces; a thin layer of real stone gets attached to a concrete backing to create a full appearance for less money. Stacked stone brings about intricate textures on a vertical surface by placing the stone on its side to reveal its multi-faceted, light-reflecting edge. How about a pair of stone pillars for the front driveway? They make for a princely welcome to any abode and we build them as good as they come. We also construct and refurbish natural stone fireplaces of any size. Dial (510) 683-5860 to get free quotes.

    this image shows concrete patio and concrete resurfacing fremont california

    Retaining Wall

    Despite what you might think, you can find affordable masonry services when you contact Fremont Concrete Pros. We offer a variety of masonry services at prices that you can afford. Our masons are professionally trained and they have over a decade of experience, which means they produce the best results possible.

    Other Masonry Services

    Some clients really love the thought of marrying brick, stone, and concrete into one amazing, picturesque landscape. Having an experienced contractor such as us at their disposal makes it all come together in perfect harmony. Still thinking of that acid stained floor? How about marble flooring instead? The shading’s as deep and luxurious, the mystique, divine. Or if flooring seems a bit over the top, let’s make it countertops. The brick and stone service at Fremont Concrete Pros is always the smartest choice for your home or business.

    Thank you for taking the time to read up on what we offer. Calling us gives you friendly, experienced accommodation for any hardscape project you have in mind. Remember the number? It’s (510) 683-5860. We’re eager to hear from you. 

    Areas We Service

    Alameda County is chock full of concrete contractors who claim to be the best. But it isn’t words that define quality—it’s the work itself. Fremont Concrete Pros has constructed driveways, pool decks, walls, patios, kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and many other incredible amenities for both homes and businesses. We have years of experience with jobs complex, basic, and everything in between. Central California is growing fast. Our owner moved here after working as a concrete contractor Indianapolis and it's world's different. Tech companies all around the San Francisco Bay area have created jobs for savvy young minds. These same minds have turned their thoughts toward building a home here.

    That’s where we come in. Our expertise with concrete, brick and natural stone extends to places like:

    • Belmont
    • Palo Alto
    • Santa Clara
    • Pittsburg
    • Eastport
    • Pleasanton
    • Redwood City
    • Cupertino
    • Martinez
    • San Leandro
    • Walnut Creek
    • Russell City
    • Stanford
    • Saratoga
    • Union City
    • Albany
    • Castro Valley
    • Portola Valley
    • Mountain View
    • Milpitas
    • Pinole
    • Oakland
    • Moraga
    • Alamo
    • East Palo Alto
    • Campbell
    • Sunnyvale
    • Discovery Bay
    • El Cerrito
    • Livermore
    • Concord
    • Danville
    • Lafayette
    • Antioch
    • Emerald Hills
    • Cambrian Park
    • Tracy
    • Newark
    • Los Altos Hills
    • Oakley
    • Menlo Park
    • Alamo Oaks
    • Santa Clara
    • San Jose
    • Berkeley

    Fremont Concrete Pros reaches all over Alameda County with quality construction that you’ll have for a lifetime. Call us today at 510-683-5860.

    “We needed a new driveway and we went right to Fremont Concrete Pros. They do a thorough job and that is why we use them for all of our concrete work.” – Gary T.

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    ​When it’s time for you to rely on a concrete contractor or a masonry service in Fremont, make sure you rely on the services of our experts. They have the skills and experience needed to effectively address your service needs. You deserve the best quality of expert services and you are sure to receive it when you rely on our qualified team of professionals. As the preferred concrete company in Fremont, ask yourself why our services are preferred. We have lead contractors from all around the United States and even Canada. We brought in the owner of concrete contractors Edmonton to lead a crew, so everyone is well experienced on our team. After vetting our experts, they are proven efficient in their duties and can effectively help with your concrete service needs. Why not contact us now to schedule your complimentary consultation.